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Alistair Hulett
Alistair, who died in January 2010, was a singer, songwriter, international socialist and revolutionary.

David Rovics
Pete Seeger has said “Listen to David Rovics”, sound advice to anyone at all engaged with social justice issues. Cindy Sheenan has named David “the peace poet and troubadour for our time”, and he is indeed the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US.

Peggy Seeger
Folk singer, songwriter, activist, instrumentalist (banjo, guitar, dulcimer, concertina, autoharp, piano); Peggy has been a major presence for over half a century.

Roaring Jack
Roaring Jack, led by Alistair Hulett, played all over Australia from 1985 to 1992. They’ve left behind some great recordings, a reputation for brilliant live shows and some very committed fans from all over the world.

Roy Bailey
Profound, entertaining, humorous, thought provoking, Roy has been one of the UK folk and acoustic scene’s most loved and admired performers for more than 50 years. For MOJO magazine, and for many people, Roy represents “the very soul of folk’s working class ideals”.


Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust
The Trust, in addition to preserving Alistair Hulett’s musical legacy, will work with community groups, campaigns and organisations to facilitate change and further human rights through music and the arts.

Annarky’s Blog
Views, poetry and song from an anarchist perspective.

Workers’ Music Association
Since 1936 the WMA has promoted and encouraged music which supports peace, the labour movement, and the causes and rights of working people. (N.B. Giving Voice Workshops curates a large archive of WMA materials)